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National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009

National Consumer Credit Protection (National Credit Code) Regulations 2009 The National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (the Act) applies to the provision of certain kinds of credit, to certain credit contracts, and to related matters. Section M500 of the Act...

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ASIC credit Reform Update 20100721

ASIC Credit Reform Update Issue 20,  21 July 2010 Licensing starts under new national consumer credit laws The licensing of providers of consumer credit, credit assistance, and intermediaries by ASIC started 1 July 2010 following a three month registration period....

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NCCP National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) Act came into act on 1 July 2010. The first stage of this legislation involved all parties involved in the credit process registering with ASIC. From 1 January 2011, all people and entities providing credit advise are...

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